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 Business Advisory  Services

Business Setup: 

Setting up different types of entities including Sole Trader, Partnership Business, Company, Look-through Company, Rental Business- Residential & Commercial, Family Trust, Charitable Trust, Non-profitable Organization- Incorporated Society.

Advisory Services:

  • Advice on business structure

  • Business analysis to save cost and improve business performance

  • Advice on growth and expansion, financing and investment decisions

  • Advice on Tax planning

  • Advice on  financing and investment decisions  for mortgages including home loan and so on.

IRD Correspondence:

  • Inland Revenue Tax Review & Investigations

  • IRD disputes negotiations & resolutions

  • Applying for tax relief


  • Advice on Working for Family Tax Credit

  • Advice on Paid parental leave and

  • Advice on Tax Rebates for donation

Image by Scott Graham
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